The Rotary Youth Club of Fairhope Point Clear is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offering a safe and productive after school environment and summer programming for the youth of our community.

As a partner, you join a community of supporters that believe all children deserve the chance to succeed. Underwrite a child with a monthly or yearly scholarship or contribute toward the staff, education programming, enrichment and summer offerings that are shaping and changing lives every day.



Rotary Youth Club continues to emphasize the importance of education throughout our center. Students receive intimate tutoring sessions each week with concentrations in reading and math. Rotary Youth Club Director, Tracey Miller, has hired on specialized reading interventionists to assure that no RYC student is left behind.


Garden Club has been very successful at the Rotary Youth Club. 4-H and STEM based curriculums have been implemented to teach students every step of the gardening process, from hydroponics to fertilization. Garden Club reaped their first harvest August 2022. Students were genuinely excited to show staff and parents what they had learned.


Rotary Youth Club is currently working on a calming corner. This area will be used for students to decompress and reset. Everyone has bad days. The calming corner will allow children time and space to calm their sensory systems and take control of their emotions.


On November 4, 2022, Rotary Youth Club was officially recognized as Troop 191 with Boy Scouts of America. The roar from the crowd of students was energetic and inspiring. Scouting is uncharted territory here at Rotary Youth Club but that won’t stop our drive. The goal of Troop 191 is to encourage service to others in our community.


Twice a week Tamlin Allbritten, of Eastern Shore Art Center visits the Center to engage students in finding their very own superpower. Allbritten teaches students that “creativity is an important tool in the process of discovering more about yourself.” Students have enjoyed discovering themselves and ways they can be of service to others.