After School Care

As the club doors open each school day at 3pm, members are arriving by school bus or dropped off by parents knowing their children have a safe and supportive environment for their afternoons.

Our program offers an afternoon of recreation and enrichment including art, music or swim lessons on Fridays. Our Master Gardener volunteers work with club members in our “outdoor classroom” garden raising lettuce, carrots and brussel sprouts that become healthy snacks in our club kitchen.

The heart of our afternoon is the “Power Hour” of homework time. Our staff and community volunteers are here to help our members complete their homework and study.

The impact on grades is measurable. So is the impact on lives – as these role models encourage, mentor and connect with our club members.

**After School Care enrollment is now open to the general public.

Monthly fees are based on a sliding scale using guidelines from the State of Alabama. Monthly fees are based on family income and number of individuals in immediate family. Fees could range from $40.00 to $300 per month. The director will let each family know their monthly rate.